February 5, 2011

Save Anne Boleyn's Portrait!

Although this isn’t book related, I feel it is extremely important to share here!

I mentioned a while back that Anne Boleyn’s famous portrait has recently been found to be quite damaged and in need of urgent restoration.

According to the National Portrait Gallery website, the portrait “is in a particularly vulnerable and unstable condition as a result of structural problems with the wooden panel.  Vertical cracking has occurred across the picture causing minor paint loss where the wood has split (see the photograph taken in raking light alongside).  We need to act now as the damage is being caused by the long term effects of an unsuitable cradle (an applied wooden panel support) which must be removed. Therefore this important and much loved painting needs urgent conservation treatment to ensure it can be put back on public display.

The Gallery hopes to raise £4,000 for conservation work on this picture, and with your help we very much hope to be able to undertake this work in early 2011.” To donate to the cause, click here.

Natalie, from On the Tudor Trail, and Sarah from Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History have informed me of a page they have made on Facebook to spread the word. Show your support by “liking” this page and even adding it to your own pages!

Here’s the link to their facebook page.

Also, I have decided that all proceeds from the sale of the handcrafted Anne Boleyn Signature “B” Necklace on the site are going to be donated to the Save Anne Boleyn’s Portrait project. If you wish to either donate or purchase the “B” necklace (in any letter), follow this link!

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