March 4, 2011

Henry VIII Gets Nominated and Two New Reviews

Peeking between the Pages has a great review for C.W. Gortner’s latest novel, The Tudor Secret, here. According to the reviewer, “C.W. Gortner states in the author’s note that this novel takes the approach of ‘what if’?’ He took fact, fiction, rumor, deduction, and imagination to craft this story and I think he did a fabulous job….”
Speaking of this novel, I am almost done with it! So far it is really good, so I can’t wait to write and share my review here. More on that soon.
Here’s a new review for Meyer’s The Tudors: The Complete Story of History’s Most Notorious Dynasty. According to this review, “The Tudors is graphic proof that truth is stranger — and more horrific — than fiction. If you’ve read books about individuals of the period, read Meyer’s book to tie the loose ends together, as well as providing a world view of this historical period.” Read the whole review here.
Henry VIII is leading the Helen Haye’s awards with 11 nominations. Read more about it here.

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