April 6, 2011

"Elizabeth I: A Novel" and Interview

The Burton Review has posted a detailed review for Elizabeth I: A Novel by Margaret George. According to Marie, “We see through the aged Elizabeth’s eyes the ghosts of the past from her parents to her favorites who flit in and out of her consciousness…” Marie loved the novel, stating “This is a very detailed book and even though it is fiction I felt like I was being educated during the read. I loved this look at the last decade of Elizabeth’s reign, and admired the amount of facts and the imagery that were blended throughout the story.”
Be sure to read her review here which also has a nice little video attached.

Also, be sure check out this interview with the author. In it she discusses why she chose to write on Elizabeth to her writing style.

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  1. If you like to read about the young Elizabeth and her road towards the throne and the firts few years of her reign you can try THE LAST TUDOR by CHARLOTTE ST.GEORGE available as an ebook at bubok.se


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