April 16, 2011

"The Favourite"

Author Mathew Lyons has recently released a fascinating new book titled The Favourite: Ambition, Politics, and Love-Sir Walter Raleigh in Elizabeth I's Court. According to the author's website, "Mathew Lyons reveals a new portrait of an immortal relationship and a fascinating exploration of the many layers of love between Gloriana and Ralegh – courtier, chancer and privateer."

Similarly, an article from Express.co.uk, titled Why Elizabeth Walked All Over Raleigh, discusses the famous story of Raleigh throwing his jacket over a puddle so the Queen could walk upon it. "Mathew Lyons...says: 'In a way the truth doesn’t really matter. It’s not a significant story, even if it is true, but I think it tells us something about the politics of Elizabeth’s court and the role of the favourite; their deference and the kind of submissiveness she demanded.' Despite this, the relationship between Elizabeth and Ralegh (many historians prefer to spell his name without the i) remains relatively unexamined. Was he manipulating a lovesick Queen? Or was she using a man, dazzled by her power and her charm, for her own ends? Lyons went back to original sources, state papers and letters of those at court, to try to find out."

Read more here.

Also, here's the link to the author's website and the amazon listing.

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