April 21, 2011

This Day in Tudor History: The Death of Henry VII

Death bed scene of Henry VII
On April 21, 1509, King Henry VII of England died. His son, Prince Henry, became King of England as Henry VIII. According to historical records, Henry VII died at Richmond Palace from tuburculosis.
Henry VII was buried in the Henry VII Lady Chapel at Westminster Abbey. He was buried beside his wife, Elizabeth of York, who had died in 1503. The Henry VII Lady Chapel is one of the most famous parts of Westminster Abbey. Its  most famous feature is the pendant fan vault ceiling. It is the first example of this in known history.
The tomb of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York was constructed by Henry VIII. The altar which was placed by the tomb was also constructed by Henry VIII, but then destroyed during the Reformation. This fascinates me. It is speculated that Henry and his father did not have a good relationship, but it is known that he cared deeply for his mother. Why would he allow their altar to be destroyed? Any thoughts?

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