April 5, 2011

Three Catherines and a Few She-Wolves

First off, author Kelly Hart (who wrote Mistresses of Henry VIII and soon to be released The Seventh Wife) has kindly written in about Katherine Willoughby. Be sure to check it out at the Tudor Q&A Page!


I have found an interesting review for She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth by Helen Castor. According to the review, “The tangled, bloody history of England’s royal descent through medieval times is the thread of Castor’s story. In an age when women administered power only as “a consort, a helpmeet, an intercessor in the cause of peace and justice,” Castor highlights four remarkable women who “ruled England” through superior intelligence, political and military skill, boldness, determination and charisma.”
Be sure to read the rest here.


Be sure to read this interview with Giles Tremlett, author of Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII. In the interview, he discusses why people are still fascinated with the Tudors, and many of his thoughts on Catherine.
Enjoy it here.

There is a great excerpt from the History of the United States here, which covers the English attempt to colonize the New World. Apparently, Henry VII and Henry VIII had more of a hand in it than I thought!


Here’s an article discussing the often forgotten 5th wife of Henry VIII, Katheryn Howard. The article points out that Katheryn’s tragic cousin, Anne Boleyn, gets all the attention, but Katheryn’s story is equally if not more, tragic. The article also discusses many of the books written about both.

Be sure to read it here.


Finally, I have my review for His Last Letter finished (minus the posting) and am almost done tweaking my review for Secret of the Tudor Court. I apologize in the long delay of posting them, but I have been really busy with work and the other sites I run. Thank you for your patience and I will have both published this week!

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