April 19, 2011

Tudor Q&A: Tudor Tailor

I am doing a speech for English class and I have to dress up as the person I am researching. I am a tailor during the Elizabethan Era. I have no idea what the tailors wore and yes I am aware that the majority of tailors were men. So, what would a male tailor wear during that time? Any suggestion of what I can use at home to create an outfit?

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  1. Hi Zaharaa!
    This sounds like a fascinating project! The best image I can give you is “The Tailor” by Giovanni Moroni (see here: http://www.elizabethan-portraits.com/Tailor.jpg). He seems to be dressed smartly in “regular” Elizabethan clothing, complete with a fitted doublet and puffed breeches. Though not shown, he would have worn hose and either shoes or boots. This is a typical Elizabethan male outfit. The higher ranking the man, the more elaborate the ensemble. Keep this in mind when making your outfit.

    A great source is The Tudor Tailor (http://www.tudortailor.com/). It is a book and website that can give you tips for making authentic Tudor outfits. Hope this helps!


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