April 10, 2011

Updates and News

Well, the Book Blog is back up and running! However, because the site has become so big it is getting hard for me to manage. Therefore, I am going to be making some big organizational changes:

1) The Tudor Book Blog is going to become the main blog on the site. I will, of course, still focus on Tudor books, but I will do a weekly "News" post on the latest non-book related Tudor news.

2) I am also going to start writing more historical "articles" or posts, all heavily based on Tudor books, but with interesting bits of history thrown in that I find during my personal research. I have done this some at the old Tudor Times blog, but I am going to start doing it here instead. At the end of each of these articles, I will post a "further reading" section to tie in all the books I used as well as suggest further works to check out.

3) Tying in with this, I am going to move the "This Day in Tudor History" from the Tudor Times blog to here.

4) I am also going to start publishing the Tudor Times monthly magazine here.

5) I am going to start doing the Tudor Book(s) of the Week again. I know it has been a while :(

6) I am going to move all Tudor Librarian Q&A's to the Book Blog so readers do not have to navigate from this site to another.There will be a special Book Q&A section and a non-book related section.

With all of this, the Book Blog is going to get a lot bigger, but I feel that it will make it a lot easier for me this way, and for you, the reader as well. You will not have to navigate to as many sites/pages. It will all be in one nice location!
As you all know, I have been slowly updating the Book Blog. You may have noticed that some of the Archives are missing. I am having to manually reload it all, so it is taking some time. Do not fret, however. It will all be up again soon!

Thanks for your patience, guys. It has been a long rework! I will update as stuff gets moved around. If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment!

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