May 16, 2011

Tudor Weekly News Update

"John Speed’s Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine – the first detailed maps of every area in England and Wales – is being republished on the internet." Apparently, it took 10 years to make!
Here's a link for more info.
Here's a great article about the history of the King James Bible, which is about to celebrate its 400th birthday! According to the article,"Produced in 1611, the King James Version was not the first English Bible, and its translators relied heavily on the work of earlier men. The men who did it viewed it as making a good thing better," MacLeod said. Fifty-four of the country's top scholars were chosen from Cambridge and Oxford universities, and eventually 47 went to work on the translation. 'These were the leading scholars of the day,' said Emmaus professor Steven H. Sanchez. 'Later scholars were very impressed with the job they did...'"
Most Tudor History fans have heard of Anne Boleyn's yearly journey to Blickling Hall, her traditional birth spot, on the anniversary of her execution. Now, spectators can see Anne for themselves! Well, maybe not the "real" ghost...but a Tudor pageant called the Return of the Queen, which "will include demonstrations of period crime and punishment, music and dancing, fashion, food and feasting, surgery and medicine, traders and more, all overseen by Henry VIII and his six wives."
Here's the link for more info.
Finally, here's the link to a fascinating article about a musical composer who has been inspired by Anne Boleyn. She has written a song titled "Touch n'Go Game" which graces the new CD "Secret Lives of Women." It is "a collection of songs about women who, for better or worse, have made the world take notice of them."

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