June 2, 2011

Several New Q&A's

1) Who did Henry VIII execute, who was considered his good friend previously? Obviously Cromwell, Carew, Neville, Norris and More, but any others?

2) Which Englishwomen became the friends of Anne of Cleves?

3) Who attended the wedding of Henry VIII and Lady Anne of Cleves?

4) Is it true that Henry VIII started Valentine's Day being celebrated?

5)Who were Henry VIII's closest friends at the start of his reign?

6)I am interested in Renaissance poetry, women's in particular, and have just come across Anne Locke. I don't know how well-known she was, but she was a sixteenth-century poet. What I want to known is: what she the first ever to write a sonnet sequence? And was she the first woman to write a sonnet?

7)Does anyone know any historically accurate computer games, ones that teach you about the Tudors as you're playing them?

Thanks for this!


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