July 7, 2011

Help Identify "New" Old Books!

Author Susan Bordo contacted me via facebook today to invite me and all of you to help identify old Tudor books that publishing companies are trying to pass of as new books! Here's what she said,

"We have started to compile a list of "new" books that are actually re-issued. Please come over to our page--The Creation of Anne Boleyn--and contribute any info you have. Once we've got a good list, we will post as a note to which we can add in the future, so readers can be forewarned!"

To join, go to the Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page!


  1. Elizabeth: Thanks for advertising this. A slight correction: the page to go to is not, Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History, but The Creation of Anne Boleyn.

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  3. Thanks so much Susan! Sorry about that :) I fixed the link in the post!


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