July 18, 2011

New Discussions at the Everything Tudor Wiki!

The Tudor Film Club is wrapping up its discussion of the first part of Elizabeth R. We are now moving on to Part II: The Marriage Game. Please watch the film (available on Youtube) and join in the discussions!

Here's the link to the Tudor Film Club Page.

July 7, 2011

New Episode of Tudor Talk Up!

Virginia has posted the latest episode of Tudor Talk! We discuss the chapter on Anne of Cleves from David Starkey's Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII.

Be sure to listen here!

Help Identify "New" Old Books!

Author Susan Bordo contacted me via facebook today to invite me and all of you to help identify old Tudor books that publishing companies are trying to pass of as new books! Here's what she said,

"We have started to compile a list of "new" books that are actually re-issued. Please come over to our page--The Creation of Anne Boleyn--and contribute any info you have. Once we've got a good list, we will post as a note to which we can add in the future, so readers can be forewarned!"

To join, go to the Creation of Anne Boleyn facebook page!

July 1, 2011

Tudor Book Blog Giveaway Winner!

I want to thank everyone who entered the contest and left such wonderul comments about the site! I am honored that you all really like it and enjoy reading it! Please keep coming back!

After tallying up everyone's entries, I placed the numbers in random.org and generated the number for this month's winner....

Again, a big thank you to all who entered! Do not dispair though! I will be posting July's giveaway very soon! I hope you all enter it as well! :)

The Tudor Film Club: Elizabeth R

Now that we have finished discussing Lady Jane over at the Tudor Film Club, located at the Everything Tudor Wiki, we have turned our sights to the epic Elizabeth R. We are starting with Part I: The Lion's Cub.

Please come join us here! We would love to discuss the film with you, know what you think about it, and help answer any questions you may have!