January 5, 2012

A Rare Poem, The Vatican Archives, and an Interview and Review

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things!

First off, I apologize if you have sent any e-mails or request for reviews and I have not responded. My e-mail system was on the fritz and I have lost a lot of unread messages. The problem is now fixed, and shouldn't happen again. Please, resend! I apologize for the inconvenience!

Secondly, I have a few interesting tidbits I thought I would share:

Here's the link to a fascinating article about a recently discovered poem by Elizabeth Dacre, a Tudor Lady of Elizabethan England. Here poem is about Love (as most good poems are), written in Latin in 14 Lines. It was probably intended for her love, Cooke, and not meant to be read by others. It was accidentally discovered in between the pages of a book on Chaucer.

In other news, the Vatican Archives is set to release hundreds of documents in Feb. 2012. Some of them date back as far as the eighth century! As many of you Tudorphiles know, the Vatican somehow got a hold of some of Henry VIII's letters to Anne Boleyn. Who knows what else they have!

Read more about the release here.

On the Author Front, Philippa Gregory has done an interview discussing the "How to's" of writing Tudor novels. My favorite question: "You're trained as a historian with a docrorate from the University of Edinburgh, What made you decide to be a novelist?"

And finally, for fun, here's an review for Kate Emerson's At the King's Pleasure, where the reviewer discusses whether or not Henry VIII was a serial killer. Always fun. Here's the link.

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  1. Thanks for the links. I'm very excited to hear about the Vatican Special Archives.


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