February 12, 2012

"The Secret Keeper" By Sandra Byrd

I found some exciting news today! Sandra Byrd, author of "To Die For," has the second book in her Ladies in Waiting series up for release on June 5th!

I am almost done with her first novel, about Anne Boleyn and her good friend Meg Wyatt. I have really enjoyed it (though I have how long it has taken me to get my review up - but that's how life is sometimes). I look forward to reading more of her work!

In the meantime, here's an excerpt from her novel, directly from her site:
Pieces of her black gown fell to the ground, one by one, like the locks of a condemned woman shorn before execution, though he stayed himself from touching her bright red hair before sheathing his dagger again. Her woeful face betrayed that she knew this would be her utter undoing. The gown was ruined and the black clumps, which had plummeted to the ground, received the breath of life of a sudden and became a flock of beady-eyed ravens which took wing toward the Tower of London, whilst we watched in horror and dread.
The novel follows Juliana, a lady-in-waiting to Catherine Parr. I'm excited to read something new (and fictional) on Parr. There are a few novels on her, but it seems she has often escapes them, much like she escaped her husband!

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