March 1, 2012

New Updates

I haven't done a news update on the blog in a while, so there are a few things I would like to point out:

Firstly, I mentioned this a while back, but I thought I would re-mention it. Many of the most famous documents, such as Henry VIII's divorce plea and Galileo's heresy trial records, from the Vatican's Secret Archives are going to be on display in a special exhibition.

Here's an article detailing more about the exhibit.

There is also a podcast on the exhibit. Listen to it here.
Secondly, I mentioned this on Facebook, but thought it certainly deserved a mention here; Several rare letters, including one from Jane Seymour to Henry VIII (detailing the birth of their son) have been found.

Be sure to check out this article for more details.

Nextly, ever wonder what a pre-Reformation church in England looked like? Now you can catch a glimpse by visiting the South Leigh Church in Oxfordshire.
Beneath a layer of whitewash, intriguing paintings depicting doomsday were discovered in the late 1800's. They have been restored and now give the viewer a glimpse of what medieval and early Tudor subjects would have seen while attending church services. According to this article, these images "are a dramatic and unique representation of an early church’s teaching to village people who were unable to read and write."
Site Related News

I would like to mention that The Tudor Book Blog Reading Challenge is really picking up! We have had a few new entries this month, as well as a lot of new reviews. 

Be sure to sign up here

A new post will be up in the next day or so reviewing the progress for Feb. as well as revealing the next prize in the Tudor Prize Pack! 
And finally, Claire from The Anne Boleyn Files will be stopping by Everything Tudor Mon. March 12th for a special interview as part of her virtual blog tour for her new book The Anne Boleyn Collection. Be sure to tune in for that, as well as enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the book and an Anne Boleyn Tote bag!

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