May 3, 2012

All About Anne: The Theatre and The Book

Reading through my e-mail I have found a lot on Anne Boleyn. It isn't surprising considering May 19th is the anniversary of her execution. I thought some of the things I found would be interesting to many of you, especially those who are "Team Boleyn," like myself :)

The new and well-reviewed play Anne Boleyn has moved to Bath for the next few days! If you are in the area, go! To entice you more (besides the fact that it's about Anne...) here are a few tidbits:

The trailer for the play:

An interesting article discussing the many faces of Anne Boleyn, including that portrayed in the above play. And, a review for the play. If you go, let me know! I'd love to know opinions on it!

Secondly, there has been a lot on Hilary Mantel's Bringing Up the Bodies, the squeal to the award winning Wolf Hall. Here's a link to a review for the book from The New York Times,  as well as one from The New Yorker. It is quite long and very detailed with several excerpts. It also attempts to delve into the character of Thomas Cromwell. I also really loved the mocked up portrait of Hillary as Anne!

Finally, here's the link to a podcast discussing the novel. I thoroughly enjoyed it as the speakers discussed the book's chances of winning the Man Booker Prize, as well as read excerpts, such as the execution of Anne Boleyn.

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