December 13, 2012

Tudor Book Blog Reading Challenge Update

I'm sorry I've been so slack on updating. I was recently hired for a new job and I have been swamped!

However, I wanted to go ahead and post the next THREE prizes (for Sept, Oct., and Nov.) for our prize pack. I will sum everything up (all reviews, entries, etc.) in a week or so with the final prizes.

September's Prize: A copy of Sandra Byrd's The Secret Keeper.

October's Prize: An Anne Boleyn "B" necklace (or whichever letter you prefer) from the Everything Tudor Store.

November's Prize:A copy of Pale Rose of England: A Novel of the Tudors by Sandra Worth.

December's prize and other prizes will be announced soon!

Don't forget. It's not too late to enter and/or submit your reviews! See this link for more information.

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  1. I've posted my reviews on my personal blog.


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