January 2, 2013

Wrapping Up the 2012 Tudor Reading Challenge!

It has taken some time, but I've attempted to go through and read/ make notes of all the reviews submitted for the 2012 TudorBook Blog Reading Challenge. Here's what I've got:

(Keep in mind that if you didn't submit any reviews either through Facebook or The Tudor Book Blog you are not going to be listed):

Lowly Page
Lisa (sororitylifearmywife.blogspot.com) - 4 reviews
Erin I. - 1 review

Mer - 5 reviews
Eliza N. - 5 reviews

Lady of the Court
Bridgett (The Tudor Cafe) - 9 reviews
Lady Heather Crouse - 7 reviews

Lady in Waiting
Sarah - 1 review
Jasmine M-P. - 10 reviews

Jen - 12 reviews
Sandi - 2 reviews

Sarah - 3 reviews
Jen D. - 9 reviews
Trish M. - 6 reviews

Please review and let me know if I've made ANY mistakes (via comment on this post). I will be posting the winner of the challenge on Monday, Jan. 7th!!! Be sure to let me know of any missed reviews, miscalculations, etc. by Sunday, Jan. 6th. Thank you!

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