February 15, 2013

Get All Three of Claire Ridgway's Books on Kindle This Weekend!

Claire Ridgway of The Anne Boleyn Files has all three of her books, The Anne Boleyn Collection, The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown, and On This Day in History, for FREE for Kindle Download this weekend (16th and 17th)! I'm excited to grab them for my Kindle. Be sure to grab them for yours!

Here's the link.


  1. Your free book alarm for the collection by Claire Ridgeway says this weekend and then gives the dates 16th and 17th. This weekend is the 11th and 12th. I have just been on the link and the books are not free! Please review your information and update when you have the correct information as this information obviously is not correct as the dates are different.


  2. This post is dated Feb. 15th. That is when the books were free. Sorry for the confusion.


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