February 1, 2013

The Tudor Book Blog Reading Challenge Update: February

A few updates for you on this year's reading challenge:

So far we have 14 signed up for this year's reading challenge! Remember, you can sign up at any time before 12/30/13. To enter, you MUST sign up here.

January saw four reviews. Colleen reviewed The Secret Keeper by Sandra Byrd and The Forgotten Queen by D.L. Bogdan. You can read her reviews on her Good Reads Page. Jonah has reviewed To Die For by Sandra Byrd and The Virgin Queen's Daughter by Ella March. Both are reviewed at their blog, Jonah Knows Best!

If I missed any reviews, be sure to let me know!

For February, be sure to post your reviews (or a link to your reviews) as a comment on this post. If you had any reviews for January, you can leave a comment on the January Page.

For February, I am going to giveaway a copy of The Tudor Secret by C.W. Gortner. This prize will be given to a random Reading Challenge member who enters by February 28th. Those already entered in the Reading Challenge are automatically included in the drawing and do not have to re-enter. Those not signed up for the Reading Challenge must leave a comment on The Tudor Book Blog Reading Challenge 2013 Page.

The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on March 1st.


  1. For my first book, I read Thomas Penn's "Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England". I really enjoyed the detail on Henry VII. I haven't found that much written on him so far, so this book was a treat.The only thing I had ever really seen on Henry VII was a BBC program called "In the Shadow of the Tower". Penn's "Winter King" paints a much darker picture, or as he is described "a dark prince".

    Penn details Henry VII's slide into a miserly tyrant and the men who helped him. I am rather surprised the nobility did not rise up and over throw Henry VII. I highly suggest this book for anyone who is interested in how the Tudor dynasty started.

  2. My third book review is about Blood Will Tell: A Medical Explanation of the Tyranny of Henry VIII.


  3. My fourth book review is Murder Most Royal by Jean Plaidy


  4. Fencing Mom is right ... "Winter King" is excellent. It is not really a biography of Henry VII, but rather an analysis of his reign.


  5. Another book I finished early this month (before reading "Winter King") is Peter Gwyn's "The King's Cardinal" ... about Wolsey. Fascinating book ... discusses some of the canon law behind the divorce (based on Scarisbrick's biography of Henry VIII). Warning for those who don't use e-readers ... the print of this one was very small ... I had to use a magnifier to read it.


  6. My fifth book review was Secrets of the Tudor Court by D.L. Bogdan.


    Does anyone know of any non fiction books about Mary Howard?

  7. Unfortunately, I don't know of any. I thought there would at least be a book on the Howard family, but didn't find anything on that either. The only books I could suggest are ones focusing on her brother and father, such as "Henry VIII's Last Victim: The Life and Times of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey" by Jessie Childs and "The Ebbs and Flows of Fortune: The Life of Thomas Howard, Third Duke of Norfolk" by David Head (though I haven't read this one, so I can't really vouch for it).

    Anyone else know of any others?

  8. My first review is of A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir. My review can be found on my blog: http://themosthappyreader.blogspot.com/?m=1

  9. Reviews from February:





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