March 27, 2013

'Henry VII's Wilderness Years' Podcast with Author Derek Wilson

In a new podcast on History Today, Derek Wilson discusses Henry Tudor (later VII)'s life before taking the crown, particularly his life in exile in "the wilderness" for fourteen years. Living in "the wilderness" (aka the European continent, particularly Brittany and the French Royal Court) was dangerous, often resulting in Henry being used as a pawn, or "sacrifice" as Wilson describes, in the game of royal politics. However, Henry was quite clever an mastered the game, eventually gaining support of the French regency and returning to England.

One of the more interesting points I thought was how this time in his life led to his later paranoia, constantly looking for plots and intrigues.

Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think! You can also read more about Henry VII, as well as Wilson's article, in the April issue of History Today.

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