April 8, 2013

Review for 'Queen's Gambit' - A Novel of Katherine Parr

Debut novel of author Elizabeth Fremantle, Queen's Gambit focuses on the sixth wife of Henry VIII, Katherine Parr. Using chess imagery, the author "brings to life the remarkable story of Katherine Parr as she battles with those intent on destroying her, but also with her own heart."

The Guardian has given a positive review of this novel, focusing on the imagery and praising the author for sticking close to her sources. It sounds like a good read, especially for those of you interested in Parr.

Here's the link to the review, and the link to the amazon page.


  1. Having been searching for a book on Katherine Parr and look forward to reading this! Thanks

  2. I have just read the review on the guardian page and this sounds like a Catherine Parr I can relate to, sexy, human, humerous, resourceful, and good company. I look forward to reading the book having just ordered it from Amazon. Cheers for the review.

  3. I have almost finished reading Queen's Gambit and I have found it to be an excellent read that is very hard to put down!
    The author has captured Catherine Parr's strength, humor and utmost loyalty to those closest to her in a very endearing way that makes you keep cheering for Catherine while the wolves circle around her longing for her ultimate downfall.
    A fabulous book by Elizabeth Fremantle, i look forward to reading more from her.


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