June 5, 2013

Two Reviews for Penn's 'Henry VII: Winter King' Program

Today I've linked to two reviews discussing last week's premier of 'Henry VII: Winter King,' by author Thomas Penn.

The first review is from the Telegraph and does an excellent job of pointing out the flaws of the program, but coming to a good conclusion in the end. I noticed that in this review, as well as the one discussed below, both prefer Penn's writing to his television. I, myself, enjoyed his presentation, but understand the points each make.

Be sure to read the full Telegraph review here.

The second review is by Royal Central. Though I would have given this program four stars (as opposed to the three given in this review) I thought the reviewer did a great job. The reviewer delves into what she didn't like about the program (and has some valid points). However, the majority of the review discusses the positives. My favorite part of the review is where she compares the program to the book the show is based on. Having read it before watching the program, I feel it gave her a good insight into what the book gave but the program didn't, which she briefly discusses. She also offers a few great examples of how Penn really brought the story of Henry VII, the much forgotten Tudor, to life.

Be sure to read it here

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