July 18, 2013

'The White Queen and Her Rivals' - Documentary by Philippa Gergory

Philippa Gregory, whose recent novel series, The Cousins' Wars, has been turned into a 10-part series by BBC and Starz. However, what about the real White Queen and the other women who are represented in the fictionalized drama?

The author herself goes into their back stories, building a foundation of real history and fact for the fictional novels and show to stand on.

What do you think of Philippa Gregory's documentary?


  1. This is excellent. When is part two?

    1. Hi Rich! The concluding episode of the ‘The Real White Queen and Her Rivals’ will be broadcast on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two. I'm sure a video will be floating around online by Thursday if you cannot catch it on BBC Two.

  2. I just discovered this today, while doing research on the Princes in the Tower. Facinating. Will have to finish watching after I sleep:)


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