September 10, 2013

Tudor Book Club Start Date and Book

We've voted and decided to start the Tudor Book Club on GoodReads with Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of the Tudor Dynasty by Thomas Penn. i think it's fitting to start the book club with the first Tudor monarch!

We plan to start discussions on Sunday, Sept. 15th. We will be discussing the Prologue and First Chapter the entire week, so do not fret if you aren't ready by Sunday!

I will be posting a daily discussion question or thought to spark conversation, but I also encourage all of you to post any discussion questions or topics you have too!

If you have any questions about the Book Club, please post them here!

Next go around, we will try a novel. I would personally love to have both a fiction and non-fiction book going on at the same time, but that is something we can work up to!

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