January 1, 2014

Tudor Book Blog Reading Challenge - Updates

Hello lovely readers, and happy 2014! I have totaled the results of the Reading Challenge and have come up with:

Lowly Page (1-3 books)
No one complete their goal.

Squire (4-6 books)
Jenn D. - 5
Sarah - 5

Knight (7-9 books)
Eliza N. - 9
Colleen T. - 8
Jaclyn - 8
Chrissy - 8

Lord/Lady of the Court (10-12 books)
No one completed their goal.

Groom of the Chamber/Lady-in-Waiting (13-15 books)
No one completed their goal.

Prince/Princess (16-18 books)
No one completed their goal.

King/Queen (19+ books)
Lisa - 20
Esther - 32
Shannon P. - 20
Eva - 35

Before I post the final results and winners (on Jan. 3rd) please let me know if there are any mistakes in the tally by midnight on Jan. 2nd by leaving a comment here. I will happily amend the list before the final tally is called! 


  1. Hi, I think I read 5 and so got my Squire level? Sarah

  2. I'm glad I reached my goal!! Happy New Year to everybody and fingers crossed!! :-)

  3. Sorry about that, Sarah! I've updated the list :) And a happy New Year to you too, Eliza!


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